Evolving Advertisement in 2020-2021

Being into advertisement industry for more than 8 years.. I have seen it has grown and taken a boom like anything. Every business, be it small or big, needs advertisements to grow the business. Advertisement can be in form of paid promotions or many a times people-to-people promotions. But what kind of advertisement works for one business, widely differs from each other, even if they belong to same industry. Let’s take example of Fitness Industry… the advertisement plan and strategy that works for a local GYM in an area with basic amenities, won’t exactly help the GYM that caters a big chain at the national level and moreover, will work differently for GYM operating at multi-national level. Advertisement is not just about showing a design with good marketing lines but its more about the strategy that comes with the company goals and how it relates to common people. After this Pandemic, advertisement industry has taken a big change. Though, earlier it looks temporary change to me but with few months it looks like its really going to take a big shift. The way you approach the customer is going to change, infact it has changed already. The tactics working a year before are not even considered these times.

At Publicity Point, we just not offer the services that we actually provide but its more about understanding what the customer’s goal and product is & then understanding it from their customer’s behavior and patterns, we design advertisement campaign that makes the Brand Name + Generate Results. We have also evolved ourselves in these pandemic times and have changed the way we work and offer services to our clients.

If you are a business owner, no matter at what level, we can definelty help you craft an advertisement strategy that will work for you!

Written By – Neeraj Mandloi Founder – Publicity Point