Auto Rickshaw Advertisements in Ahmedabad

Auto Rickshaw Advertisement in Ahmedabad

What is Auto Rickshaw Advertisement?

Advertisements in general are beneficial for any business to create brand awareness. When we specifically talk about Auto Rickshaw Advertisements, it helps you to generate brand awareness among a larger audience and is one of the most cost effective media.

Because the Auto takes more than 15 trips on average/day, an Auto crosses thousands of people across the city. Thus Auto Rickshaw can take your brand to various locations in the city plus spread your brand name effectively which in turn increases your brand's recall in the minds of the consumers.

If planned strategically and with some creative ideas, it can bring popularity of your brand within no much time.

Types of Auto Advertisement 

There are majorly three options you get when you use Auto Rickshaw Branding for your Branding campaign
  1. Auto Back Banner Pasting- Here, we utilize the back of the Rickshaw only, this is cost effective and the passers-by can take a look effortlessly at the Rickshaw advertisement for a longer time especially when in traffic. This is also known as Autovinyl advertisement or Auto back banner advertisement.
There are two different options for Auto back banner pasting-
  1. Auto Hood Branding–Here, We Design, Stitch and Print the entire outer cover body of the Auto from Top to Back to both Sides which is called as “Hood”. We utilize all the space on this Hood for adverts and additionally a stripes on top can also be planned which will give maximum visibility from all the direction. It’s a very rough and tough material and thus it last for a very long time (on an average of 6 months)
  1. Auto Rickshaw Inside Branding - Here, you must have encountered some brand messages stuck inside the Auto while travelling! it’s the inside Auto Rickshaw Branding, this has less visibility but a longer attention span.

Top reasons to go for Auto Advertisements? 

Auto Rickshaw Advertisements are a small part of OOH Advertising, it still plays an important role because of the use and familiarity of Auto Rickshaws in Ahmedabad. People often use this public transport to travel within the city. With increasing traffic on a daily basis, public transport is becoming a favourable medium to travel, thus with this kind of scenario the number of Auto Rickshaws are increasing too, it is found that in Gujarat on average there are more than 5 lakhs Auto Rickshaws running daily. Thus, Auto Rickshaw Advertisements are a great tool for Out of Home Advertisements. And brands should leverage every medium to reach to its consumer. Some advantages of Auto Rickshaw Advertisements-

Why Choose Publicity Point for Auto Advertisement? 

Publicity Point is an established Advertising agency in Ahmedabad, we specialize in Outdoor and Digital Advertising and Auto Branding is one of our core services. When we collaborate with a brand, We specialise in strategically designing the marketing message that suits the type of media used to showcase the message, in case of Auto Branding, because the size of banner is small, we do not recommend designs that is congested and has a lot of written messages, we ensure the design is such that it is noticed in the traffic or in moving condition. There is a lot that goes behind planning, creating, designing and executing an Auto Rickshaw advertisement service, thus to know more about the benefits you get from Publicity Point, you can connect with us at OR call us directly on +9109724033332

What is the cost of Auto advertisements in Ahmedabad?  

The Auto advertisement prices in Ahmedabad depend on the

About Publicity Point -

Publicity Point is one of the growing Advertising agencies in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We have a strong network of clients who have opted for our various services. We come with a vision of providing Advertising solutions for brands to cater to the larger market and thus increase their revenues. We strategically design the campaign, provide end to end services for Advertising campaigns be it outdoor Advertising or digital marketing. We have a strong team of designers, content writers, digital marketers, skilled laborers who work efficiently to give you the best returns on your investments. Our strongest USP is that we work with honesty and diligence.

If you want an end-to-end Advertising solution like getting creative ideas, strategic planning of the location or want the updates on every action that undergoes the process till the end, you can consider Publicity Point in Ahmedabad for any of your Advertising needs. The only thing we have to say about Auto Rickshaw advertisement is that – “Sastahai or Achchahai, try karkedekho”.

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