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What is a flex banner?

Flex banners as the name suggests, these are flexible and easy to print. Flex printing is common amongst the advertisers because it is one of the most affordable and durable materials for branding and promotional purposes.

The material because of which printing on the flex is easy is PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) that contains organic compound mixture.

Simply put, the banners that you see stuck on the back of the auto rickshaw, or on the bus or on a cycle with some promotional message, are flex banners.

There are various other printings that Publicity Point as an advertising firm offers-

Let us understand where do we use these prints-

Flex printings or Flex banners as mentioned are used for auto advertisements, hoardings, bus advertisements, tricycle ads etc. Mostly outdoor advertising is the place where we commonly see the usage of flex prints.

There are different types of flex prints available -

1. Front-lit flex banners- In layman terms, when the lights are facing towards the banners, it is known as front-lit flex banners, these are commonly used as hoardings in outdoor advertising.

2. Back-lit flex banners- These banners come with an LED light or other lights inbuilt, this gives a clear vision to the onlookers, it’s easy on eyes, there are no distortions faced by looking at the banners. These are common amongst the advertisers and if budget is not a constraint for any brand, we would highly recommend investing in back-lit flex banners. Also, these are more credible and have certain standards amongst the public. Hence, they work really well in creating a sophisticated and professional image for the brand.

3. Block-out flex banners- These types of banners are highly versatile as we can print on both the sides of the banner. These banners allow us to display two different promotional messages at the same time. Hence, these are cost effective flex prints that brand could invest into.

Other types of prints are Paper printings which are mostly used for leaflets and brochures, brands mostly spend some part of the budget in getting leaflets or brochures while they are investing in other advertising services like auto ads, mobile van advertisements etc.

Why would a brand do so? Mostly because a physical print creates a lasting impression on the customer, it serves as a reminder too and that feeling of holding the paper with a promotional message attracts maximum attention from the customer.

No matter how much the times have changed, paper prints still hold relevance amongst the market.

Other Printings like-

Cap printing, t-shirt prints or uniform prints are used mainly for branding purposes. Companies invest a lot in such activities in order to grab the mind share in the market.

The market is a dynamic place and what works today might not work tomorrow. Thus, brands put in extra efforts to stay on the top by utilizing various options under printing.

We ensure that we are strategically designing the prints and that the brand is aesthetically showcased in every print that they have invested into.

Benefits of flex banners-

Flex banners are made out of PVC material, now this material is light in weight and flexible but it is finely resistant. It can be used for indoors or outdoors projects. And their durability has made them a common choice among the advertisers for hoardings and other outdoor advertising.

Benefits of Paper prints-

Paper prints are a type of traditional print media, but are still trustworthy among the public. People find it easy to rely on the ads that they can see and hold in their hands, they feel a kind of emotional connection with the brand. Hence, this increases the mindshare of the brands within its consumers.

Also, paper prints are more likely to remind the consumer of the brand time and again and will also add a call to action while promoting the brand. Now-a-days we also see brands providing a QR code in the paper print along with the promotional message, this can result in maximum conversion too.

How does Publicity Point cater to Flex prints or Paper prints as a service?

Publicity Point works with detailing, we understand that print media can be a complete disaster if proper delegation and process is not accommodated, hence we work with professionals who have the knack of printing and delivering premium quality.

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