How does Bus Branding Helps in Effective Branding ?

Understanding Bus Branding-

Bus branding is one of the well known and effective type of transit media advertising. It is considered as most prominent way of advertising and can help brands enhance their visibility and boost brand message.

Bus Advertisement has become a very cost effective medium for the brands to promote their message across the cities.

How Bus Branding is done?

Backside or the back panel of the bus- Here the ads are placed on the backside of the bus, it helps the onlookers to view the advertisements with ease.

Side panel bus branding- The advertisement is placed on the sides of the bus, this too helps the onlookers to view the advertisement for a longer period, till the bus reaches a certain distance.

When the bus is at halt or in the traffic or at the traffic signal, it is even more prominent for the onlookers to view the ad and grasp the message on the advertisement.

There are other benefits for using bus advertisements for the brands, keep reading to learn more about the effectiveness.

Effectiveness of Bus Branding or City Bus Advertisement-

People in Ahmedabad find Public Transport to be the viable transportation service, especially when travelling to work, they travel either within the city or inter-city, they travel to nearby villages for work, thus the population is good as well as the reach is extensive too.

Why does the reach and the population matter? Well, the ideal purpose of Bus Branding is to gain visibility, to position the market in the mark, to build brand connection amongst the customers.

Thus, if you are someone who is looking for a better brand reach, visibility, brand recalling and increased customer connection, then keep reading the advantages for Bus Advertisements-

  1. Extensive reach – The bus covers many important areas and locations within the city, as well as amongst the cities. Thus, the level of target a brand a can reach through a Bus Branding Advertisement is beyond any other medium of advertisements.

  2. Cost-effective- Needless to say, when you are investing in a hoarding in Ahmedabad or in any city for that matter, you are charged in lakhs for just one hoarding for a month, and the visibility you get is limited, but with Bus Branding you get the visibility from your audience in the same price for months. Plus, the visibility is garnered from the target public on maximum. This point leads us to the next point, i.e.-

  3. Pre-decided routes- Yes! The bus that you want for your branding needs, already has a set route, which means you’re able to decide the route, the location of the target market and accordingly you can select the buses that would travel to the targeted location. Why is this a benefit? Because you are walking straight towards where your target market is- meaning efficient use of time and money invested with the help of Bus Advertisement.

  4. High frequency in visibility- Because the bus travels to the same place, it enables the viewers to see the ad for a good amount of time, and more frequently. Everyday, it’s like a reminder about the existence of the brand in the market. This makes people curious, they are reminded about the brand, also this adds a call to action during their purchases, due to frequent brand recall they’re meant to buy the product at some point.

  5. Perfect placement – The adverts on bus are kept at eye level hence it gives maximum visibility without any much efforts.

  6. Large Display size – Since buses are huge in size, it gives us a very large area to showcase our advertisement, hence it gives very high visibility even if looked from a distance, making it again a very impactful media for brands

These are some of the benefits, Bus Advertisements provide to the brands.

While choosing an advertising medium, it is more important to see whether that medium will bring you enough results, whether it will accomplish your brand’s needs.

Bus Advertisements are a great and effective medium to advertise your brand, buses are a common medium of public transport and is highly visible across the city.

How can Publicity Point add value to your Bus Advertisements needs?

Publicity Point thrives on bringing the target market closer to their brands, we research in-depth to understand the customer profile, the brands motto behind choosing Bus Advertisements, and thus, to ensure that our clients get the best from their investments, here’s what we do-

For further details on the process or in case if you have any more queries, you can contact us @ +91 9724033332.

Prices for Bus Branding in Gujarat-

The rates for bus advertisement are dynamic, it changes based on location where the advertisement is targeted, number of buses a brand chooses for the execution, the printing and the mounting of the advertisements on the bus, the placement of the ads i.e.; whether you are choosing Bus Backside panel branding or Bus side panel branding etc. But what we could ensure here is that Publicity Point will charge you the most competitive price in the market for your Transit Advertising needs. We curate the designs that are creative and clear- making sure these designs are not complicated and distractive for the viewers, hence the prices are dependent on the final product that the brand finalizes.

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