Let’s Talk about Tricycle Advertising and Reason you should plan it for Brand Awareness

What is Tricycle Advertisement?

Tricycle Rickshaw Advertisements or Cycle Branding are a type of Transit media advertising, in simple terms called as advertising on wheels. Tricycle Advertisements are nature friendly and cost-effective promotional medium as compared to other public transport advertisements.

Advertising on Tricycle Rickshaw gives you a creative chance to pass on the message, there are mainly Two Types of Tricycle Advertisements

Depending on your target market, branding needs, budget and other factors, you get an option to choose from the above types.

Top reasons to go for Tricycle Advertisements-

Tricycle Advertisements are preferred by various industries like restaurants, startups, education etc. also Tricycle Advertisements are a common and highly preferred medium amongst the seasonal business clients.

Because Tricycles are versatile and can travel to any lane of the city, it is easier for these businesses to reach to its target audience without getting a hole in their pockets and managing to garner maximum customers.

Companies who value sustainability and plan to contribute for environmental safety, should also opt for tricycle branding.

Here are some of the Benefits for Tricycle Advertisements

1. Cost effective- Tricycle Advertisements are comparatively less charged than the hoardings, thus if a brand is on a tight budget or if you are looking for low investment but high return kind of advertising medium for your marketing, we’d suggest Cycle Branding.

2. Pre-decided routes- Advertisers decides the routes as per the target market and thus the cycle is placed and is moving in the target location, thereby it is increasing the brand visibility, right where it is needed the most.

3. Eco-friendly mode of advertisement- Unlike other transit media, Tricycle Advertisements are eco-friendly mode of advertising the brands message, brands who are promoting environment friendly products the idea of saving environment in any way possible, can definitely consider tricycle advertisements, as this will create an impression amongst the consumers of staying true to your values in every action that the brand participates into.

4. Frequent visibility- The tricycles are hired for a stipulated period and are placed at locations planned specifically for marketing the brand. Hence, with this practice the brand gets visibility from the right audience as frequently as possible, thus, Tricycle Advertisements give your brand non-stop visibility throughout the course. And with a back-lit option your brand is visible even during the nights.

5. Effective brand recall- Being slow in the movement allows the passers-by to take a close look at the message and thus creates a lasting impression in people’s minds.

6. Multiple messages can be shared in one go- With 2-sided advertising on tricycles, brands can opt to share two different messages at the same time. Thus, saving time and money.

Why choose Publicity Point for Tricycle advertisement-

Publicity Point is all about doing the right advertisement at the right time, no seriously-

Publicity Point is an established Advertising agency in Ahmedabad, we specialize in Outdoor and Digital advertising and Tricycle Advertisements or Cycle branding is one of our main services that we provide in Ahmedabad region or anywhere in Gujarat.

When we plan Tricycle Advertisements for brands, we take care of the below major pointers-

Publicity Point specializes in strategically designing the marketing message that suits the type of media used to spread the word for the brand. In case of Tricycle Branding, we make sure the print is not distorted and the images and the written message is clearly visible even from certain distance. Due to its moving nature, it is crucial to design the prints in such a manner that it does not confuse the on-lookers.

Our clients are also given timely updates and clear communication throughout the contract.

There is a lot that goes behind planning, designing, printing and executing the cycle branding event, hence, for further information it is advisable to connect with us at info@publicitypoint.in OR call us directly on +919724033332 to get a clear knowledge on how we conduct the tricycle advertisement service.

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