Mobile Van Advertisements in Ahmedabad

Mobile Van Advertisement in Ahmedabad

What is Van Campaign Advertisement?

Van Campaign is also known as Mobile Van Advertising, ChotaHathi Advertising, Tata Ace Advertising, Canter Advertising, Roadshow Advertising or Tempo Advertising. It’s a type of Transit Media which means that it is a moving vehicle especially designed and fully fabricated to use for promotional and branding purpose. It is not only a powerful tool for the brand awareness but also highly effective for the product promotions in urban as well as rural areas. 

Why should brands consider mobile van advertising?

Chotahathi advertising Or Roadshow advertisements involves a mobile van like TataAce or ChotaHathi which is fully fabricated from all four sides with Brand’s message and can be clubbed with other elements to attracts audience like fixing a Audio/Video Panel, an LED TV to run the advert continuously or even considering putting a Sample Product for the display or carrying out a live demo to gain audience confidence. All the elements can be fully customized as per your requirement and promotional strategy.

The major reason for van campaign to be successful is that it can reach to the narrowest lanes of the city or to the distant villages. Thus, it is safe to say that mobile van branding is a reliable medium to promote your brand to every nook of the city as well as to all the villages if you desire to reach to a targeted audience especially in rural areas where no other major Medias are available.

These mobile vans can be strategically placed static at some of the major junctions where the crowd is most, OR can keep on moving in the designated areas OR can be stopped at the junctions to carry out branding activity.

The purpose for investing in mobile van advertising is to generate Brand awareness, to easily create positions in the ruralmarket, to launch a product and to show its utility by engaging in real-time with the customers. Publicity Point can help running this campaign in a very creative manner with proper strategy and planning which results in creating a long term memory in the minds of customers.

The most effective medium for Advertising in rural India-

Specially to mention again that Van campaign advertising is the KING MEDIA for Rural Advertising. Combining this activity with other promotional activities like hosting a quick game, distributing pamphlets, offering gifts, branding merchandise can really make this entire van campaign a successful one with effective messaging and brand awareness. 

How to conduct a canter activity advertisement in Ahmedabad? 

Planning and Strategy is one of the most important aspects of mobile van campaign along with some creative ideas which can attract the audience and creates a curiosity in them to come, see and participate. You as a Brand, really need an experienced agency to execute it as it involves a lot of preparation, co-ordination and most important the tracking of entire campaign. 

At Publicity Point, Publicity Point, a growing advertising agency in Ahmedabad specialises in executing the Chotahathi campaigns in Gujarat, we deliver exactly what the client needs i.e.;

Advantages of Mobile van campaigns-

Cost of chotahathi campaigns-

The price of chotahathi advertisments in Ahmedabad depends on many factors that include the type of advertisements (this includes advertisements in the form of digital ads- here the LED screens are used to showcase the message of the company, thus it is not limited to day time, a product sample showcase, hoarding of the brand with the marketing message). It also depends on For more in-depth knowledge you can email us at OR call us directly on +9109724033332

If you want to promote your brand amongst the rural parts of the cities or amongst the villages canter advertisement activity will be a great tool for you to cover your audiences. Villagers are more curious when they see big visuals or hear an announcement on the speaker. Thus, roadshow advertising activities will attract your consumer and will help you in positioning the brand in its target market.

Who are we?

Publicity Point is one of the growing advertising agencies in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We have a strong network of clients who have opted for our various services. We come with a vision of providing advertising solutions for brands to cater to the larger market and thus increase their revenues. We strategically design the campaign, provide end to end services for advertising campaigns be it outdoor advertising or digital marketing. We have a strong team of designers, content writers, digital marketers, skilled laborers who work efficiently to give you the best returns on your investments. Our strongest USP is that we work with honesty and diligence.

If you are looking for Chotahathi advertising in Ahmedabad or anywhere in Gujarat, OR any other activity to plan youradvertising campaigns, then do connect with us. We are available on Email ; Phone : +919724033332 ; OR DM us on social media handles - Facebook & Instagram