The Best Media : Society Entry Gate Advertisement / RAW Gates Advertisement

What is Society gate branding?

A rectangular display of advertisement for a company installed at the entry of a residential society is known as society entry gates branding. Mostly the agencies choose the societies as per the location of the target audience and with permissions these ads are displayed on the entry and exit gates.

Society gate branding is also known as RWA gate branding, it is one of the most cost-effective advertising media under OOH advertising, it also gives high visibility from the target audience as compared to hoardings and it stays on for a longer period.

Why are society gates important for brand recognition?

Society Gates Advertisment is the best media for Businesses or Brands,

This is possible only when you are available to your customers everywhere, your consumer needs to recall you at the time of purchase. If the recalling is successfully done, it means you’re now a brand and your consumers are associating themselves with you.

Now, if you want to target a specific area then Society gate branding is the solution for you.

Society entry gate advertising is part of OOH advertising, mostly utilized to target specific consumers and to increase the brand visibility to the maximum number.

Society gate branding is said to be the most reliable OOH advertising media because society gate ads not just attract the residents but also the passers-by and the onlookers. Thus, frequent visibility creates a lasting impression on the target audience.

Read away to know how society entry advertising is essential to build brand awareness.

Advantages of society gate ads–

  1. Get a specific target audience (similar economic background and social status) - Society entry gates branding is done to target consumers who share similar lifestyles, their day to day life is almost similar, their needs of social and economical is almost the same, thus, society gate promotion helps to take your brand to the maximum target market, without moving to different locations in search for the right target.

  2. Frequent visibility - Society gate branding enables high visibility for the brand, the passers-by, onlookers, the residents. Everybody sees the ad every day and the more they see it the more the brand is fitted in the minds of the viewers. Hence, the more the visibility, the more brand recognition.

  3. Sense of belonging for the consumers towards the brand - When your target audience see the ad every day, they feel associated with it, hence when they see your company’s ad somewhere else during their office timing, or when they’re outing, or when they are shopping and encounter your store or your product, they instantly recall the ad placed at the society gate. This proves that the brand is now becoming a part of their lives.

  4. Cost effective advertising medium - While hoardings and other OOH advertising mediums will cost you some lakhs just for a month, Society entry gate advertisement will cost the same amount for 6 months. Your brand gets 6 months or more of constant visibility from its target audience with less price.

  5. Maximum ROI - Justifying to the above point, brands invest less and get more from society entry gate branding, you are investing comparatively less than hoardings and in return you are getting lasting brand impression in the minds of your consumers, consumers feel the connectivity with the brand, the brand becomes an inevitable part in the lives of consumers, the rate of purchasing the product increases effectively, thus you get maximum ROI with low-cost investment.

  6. Visitors’ visibility - Society gate branding is not just attracting residents but also the visitors and the passers-by are introduced to the brand. In layman terms, sometimes the society gate branding is used as a location indicator incase when somebody is unable to locate a society or the given address, this is helpful because it helps the consumer to associate with the brand.

Type of RWA Society entry gate advertisement

How Publicity Point executes society gate advertisements in Ahmedabad?

Our team has expertise in executing campaigns of RWA gate advertising in Ahmedabad and have executed the campaigns for various brands thus working with Publicity Point will ensure you are in safe and experienced hands.

Cost of Society entry gate advertising in Ahmedabad -

The cost of society gates branding is based on the size of the society gate, rent charged by the society, no. of gates to be included for the advertisement, the location where the societies are situated, flex costing etc. the price cannot be fixed as the gate size and the rent varies from society to society.

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