Are you struggling to build a strong story that sells itself. Its sometimes really difficult to craft a proposition which delivers the true value of your product or services. Here are the quick pointers to help you.  





Before you start....  

  One IMPORTANT TIP is : Make it Simple!! Yes, don't try to complicate and overdo the script, it will completely ruin the message. Just Keep it as SIMPLE as possible.

  1. Why Your Product or Service Exist... What can it do for your customers ?
  2. Identify the major/biggest problem of your customers that you can solve ?
  3. What is something that you can give extra which nobody else is giving ?
  4. What is your USP ?
  5. Why You?

If you have happy customers.... nothing better than that!! But i have not included this point above becuase not every Start Up would have that. But if you have, make the most of it. It will help you build credibility and trust for your brand.


Hope this would help you in building a strong VALUE Proposition that will ultimately help you to win the deals and grow your business!!

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